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Windshield Repair Application of UV 365nm Light
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Author:  admin [ July 2nd, 2012, 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Windshield Repair Application of UV 365nm Light

Windshield Repair Application

UV Curing lamps comparison
Fluorescent black light:
• Requires several minutes of warm up to reach full intensity, even longer waiting in winter.
• Mercury-based product
• Fluorescent lamp needs to be replaced every 6 months.
• Fluorescent tube may be burnt.
• Clear fluorescent UV tube will have a wavelength shift over the time.
• Black fluorescent UV tube has a filter to filter out wavelength shorter than 300nm and longer than 400nm. Cracked filter will increase emitting of harmful short wave (below 300nm) UV light.
Sunlite UV-365 LED light:
• Instant full intensity in all weather.
• Environmentally friendly
• Lifetime 30,000-50,000 hours, glass lens to prevent light degradation.
• UV-365nm does not contain harmful short wave UV. Wavelength is from 355-385nm,

Resin cure time
If the resin is cured, you can hear cracking sound when you peel off the tape.
• Resin cure time is just for pit resin.
• Lower viscosity resin inside the crack will take an hour or a few hours to cure.
Fluorescent black light:
4W-6W curing lamp in 6-8 minutes
8W curing lamp cures in 2 minutes,
15W lamp cures in 1 minute
Sunlite UV-365 LED:
Slim UV-365 LED: cures in two minutes, covering 1 inch in diameter
8WFP UV-365 LED: cures in 35 seconds, covering 1.6 inch in diameter

What is repairable?
Star Break or combination: not larger than a credit card
Bullseye or Half Moon: not larger than a quarter
Cracks: preferably less than 6 inches. Cracks less than 24 inches are OK to repair if the cracks are less than 1 month old and are not dirty.

Costs for repair
Between $50 to $120 for repair.
Some insurance companies will waive the deductible on your comprehensive insurance, which means there is no cost to you.

How long does a repair last?
Average 4 years, repair resin that resists yellowing and that eliminates wiper streaks will last longer.

Resins used for windshield repair
Fill resin:
~20 cps low viscosity: good for all weather,
~40 cps medium viscosity: good for higher temperature over 65°F to avoid the daisy or flower effect caused from too much pressure on a very hot windshield
~90 cps high viscosity: good for long crack repair

Pit resin:
2000 cps high viscosity, good as top coat for all resin products. Cures to a glass like finish.

15ml bottle for 80-100 repairs

Methods of positioning Sunlite UV-365 LED light for windsheld repair
8WFP UV-365 LED light:
• Handheld, light will reach full intensity instantaneously and the cure time is only 35 sec.
• Using a bracket that's attached to the injector suction cup

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