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Is Turbo water proof
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Author:  admin [ January 30th, 2013, 11:53 am ]
Post subject:  Is Turbo water proof

Hi! I have purchased an sunlite eagle turbo and I have been very pleased with your product and I have a few questions that I couldnt find any answers to, so im trying to ask you directly. First question is I know the flashlight has o-rings to prevent water or fluids from entering some area but I was wondering if it is truely waterproof, as if can I go scuba diving with it or will the exposed charging port cause any damage to the product due to the water? Second question can I install the strobe side switch on it and not cause any damage? Last question can I install a LED head with more lumens like the one that has 680 lumens? Thank you for your time, I hope to read your reply soon.


1. The flashlight is water resistant, not water proof, meaning if you use it in the rain, or splash water on it, it will be OK. When the charging port is wet, you can use the light, but cannot charge the light. Once the port is dry, you can start to charge. If you use it for diving, it may leak through the lens to the LED head, and may leak through the body to damage the battery.

2. You cannot install the strobe side switch, it was made for non-rechargeable light, using CR123 batteries.

3. You can put any LED heads like the 16WFP LED on Turbo, the output with 16WFP on Turbo should be close to 600 lumen, it was because driven current from Turbo 2200mAh battery is not as high as that from a 5200mAh battery.

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