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the AC adapter for Underdhood Light
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Author:  admin [ September 18th, 2012, 12:37 pm ]
Post subject:  the AC adapter for Underdhood Light

A customer who purchased an SNLUH2F3AC a while back in 2011, but reportedly has not used it much, but it now only works when hooked to a battery, or with the cigarette lighter adapter. Can you advise on what might fail with the a/c adapter, and what it might cost to repair?

He can send it in. We have one year warranty on the AC adapter. If it is less than a year, we will replace it. We may replace it even it is after a year because he does not use it much. We need to check what have caused the failure first.

We had a few cases in the past that AC adapter was overheated and failed because customer had used it to power two linked strips for a long period of time.

The capacity of this AC adapter (24W) is only good to power 1 2ft LED strip (21W).
It is OK to power two or three linked 2ft LED strips using battery clamp or cigarette lighter adapter.

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