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20" Sunstrip 10 as above stove light
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Author:  admin [ March 20th, 2013, 11:42 am ]
Post subject:  20" Sunstrip 10 as above stove light

I am interested in the product ST10Y20M6V24.
Can these be connected to and operated from a Microwave Range Hood along with the hood's switch?
Where can these be purchased from and what is price?

The ST10Y20M6V24 if 12V, if you hood switch is 12V, you can direct connect the wires to the switch.
If the hood switch is 110V, you can connect it to the switch through a 110V-to-12V power supply.

The 20" long ST10Y20M6V24 is perfect for Microwave Range Hood. It can be mounted underneath the microwave through the two magnets on the sunstrip10.
This light is also linkable. But since each strip emits 540 lumens of light and the coverage is around 3 feet (if mounted 20inch above the surface), one strip is enough.

This link, is the model with magnets, the strip is driven at higher current, the output is 800 lumens.

This link, is the model without magnets, the strip has a output of 540 lumens.

You can use a piece of clear plastic food wrap to wrap the strip, when it gets dirty, you can just replace the wrap.

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