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PostPosted: June 23rd, 2012, 9:50 am 

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I am having trouble with the UV-365 LED Twin Light you sent me. It does not exhibit a fluorescence when using test paint samples under this light it does not exhibit any florescence as tested before. Can I return these lamps to you and get a refund as they are completely useless for this application. Please forward a postal address.

If it will not work, you can return it. I am sure our 365nm UV lamps are emitting 365nm, at high current it may shift to 375nm. So before you return it, could you please do me a favor and check the three-position switch on the back of the Twin light base, you would need position III for full power. There are two dimming switches on the front. I am curious what UV light you have used for your previous testing. It will help us to find out why that had worked, and our did not.

Follow-up Question
Yes I am sorry I will have to return it. I'm getting a better result shining my Inova X5 UV handheld torch on the samples. It could be a power thing, I had it on the third setting already. Also I notice your light has a green light rather than a blue/purple tint which could be effecting my results?

Inova X5 UV is 395nm. I am sure of it, ~395nm has blue/purple tint. ~365nm has green tint. We make both wavelengths and measure the wavelength and power out of the front.
Inova X5 UV uses 5 5mm UV LEDs, the power is less than our Slim UV395 Penlight, which is output power 140mW. our 8W UV-395nm is 300mW. Here is the link to Slim UV-395

Apparently, your application needs a 395nm UV LED. May I ask what is the application?

One of our customer originally purchased a 365nm 8W UV for checking fossil sample, because that was the wavelength recommended. When he tested the sample with both of UV LED light, he found he needs the 395nm UV LED. The reason he was recommended for a 365nm UV light was because traditional black light emit UVA (315nm-400nm), it peaks at 365nm (the third figure). This light also contains enough 395nm wavelength that can be actually absorbed by the fluorescing material to emit visible light. Our 365nm UV LED has almost 0% of 395nm wavelength. I am wondering whether your case is similar. I

Follow-up Question

Thanks very much for the information. It may be similar to the example you gave. I am looking at cross-sections from paintings through a microscope and use the UV light to see fluorescence of oil paint and varnishes used in the paint layers.

For the sake of speed would it be possible for you to send the 395 lights to attach to the stand I have and then I can return the 365nm heads and on receipt you can refund the difference. Or shall I return the whole system. I am keen to get this working as soon as possible so if you could let me know today that would be great.

Yes, we can send you the 395nm LEDs first.

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