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 Post subject: UV-395 Applications
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LED Wavelength
Flourescent Notes
Leak Detection
395mn or 365nm or 465nm
  • 455nm, for A/C leak detection, need amber glass to enhance fluorescence
  • 395nm, works on universal AC dye, Dye-Lite All-in-One dye and Dye-Lite water base dye for coolant.Do not need amber glass to enhance florescence
  • 365nm, no visible light, works especially on difficult-to-fluoresce yellow dyes, detects Dirty Diesel Engine Oil Leaks
Scorpion Hunting
395mn or 365nm
  • Scorpions fluoresce better under 395nm
  • Scorpions may see 395nm light and run
  • Scorpions don’t seem to see 365nm light
Oil Painting Inspection
  • Dark purple indicates repairs or over-paint
  • Old resin varnish appears as green film
  • Older restoration is lighter
  • Bluish-white spots indicate lining compound
  • Very small blue dots are dust
  • Masking varnish to hide restoration will fluoresce, but it is noticeable
Pigment Identification
  • Pigments fluoresce different colors
  • Zinc oxide pigments, 1850, bright canary yellow
  • Leaded zinc oxide, 1855-96, yellowish white
  • Lithopone, 1901, white
  • Titanium dioxide, 1920, rose to rose-violet
  • Teeth and egg shells fluoresce bright orange or yellow, stronger than bones
  • Middle Eocene through Pliocene mammals exhibit UV light fluorescence
  • Few Paleozoic or Mesozoic vertebrates were found to fluoresce
  • Pleistocene mammals did not exhibit fluorescence
  • Gar fish scales often fluoresce
Rodent/Pest Control
  • Dry rodent urine glows a blue-white if fresh.
  • Dry rodent urine glows a yellow-white if old.
  • Rodent hair glows blue-white and is easily identified on sacks or intermixed with food grains.
Lice Control
395nm, 365nm
  • Adult lice fluoresce yellow-green.
  • Nits glow opalescent white.
Early Stage Ringworm Detection
  • fungi causing this ringworm disease exhibit fluorescence.
  • Yellow to greenish-yellow at the base of the hair indicates presence of fungal spores.
Transgenic Plant Monitoring using GFP
  • Introducing the green fluorescent protein (GFP) into a plant
  • GFP fluoresces green under UV 395nm
  • Many wild plants fluorescence reddish purple
Paper Art
395nm, 365nm
  • Old paper fluoresces faintly whitish, yellowish or grayish
  • Modern paper glows bright bluish white
  • Smudged areas indicate erasures
  • New touch-up on watercolors and gouache has the same indications as on oil paintings.
  • 365nm shows blue, green color marks better on paper document
  • Dye of new thread will fluoresce white
Polyester Indentification
  • Polyester and rayon will fluoresce under UV light.
  • Since Polyester will not absorb cotton dye, it is important to identify polyester before production to insure fabric consistency.
  • Surfaces of ancient marble fluoresce yellow-green
  • Freshly cut marble surface emits bright violet fluorescence
  • Calcite fluoresces dull orange
  • Some only fluoresce under short-wave UV
Amber Inspection
  • Real amber fluoresces, Copal (young amber) will not
  • Darker ambers hardly fluoresce, but flecks of lighter color in it will
  • Common fluorescent colors are yellow, blue, green and orange
Glass Inspection
  • Certain glass fluoresces under UV
  • Cracks fluoresce brightly
  • Repair adhesives are visible under UV light

UV-Application-395.pdf [268.67 KiB]
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