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                               Sunlite's Office and Warehouse in Kansas on Quail Crest Place                                              Sunlite's Warehouse in China

Sunlite Science & Technology, Inc. is an LED lighting fixture manufacturer. With 18 years of experience in the field, Sunlite manufactures LED lighting products with a wide range of applications from warehouse ceiling bays to under kitchen cabinets.

Sunlite was founded in 1996 as an LED chip and wafer manufacturing company. Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) technology was used to fabricate chips for sale to LED assembly companies for use in LED lighting applications. But it was soon discovered that because traditional methods are so widespread and each step of the manufacturing process is performed by a different company that the final products fell far short of the original potential in the LED chips and wafers.

So knowing LEDs and the missed potential in most of the lighting fixtures on the market, Sunlite decided to make their own LED lighting products. Using vertical integration, Sunlite now controls all aspects of production and design, providing the freedom of innovation in multiple markets. Sunlite's proprietary Application-Specific LEDs (AS-LEDs) have a non-traditional design that is made specifically by Sunlite for Sunlite lighting products. While other manufacturers take the extra steps of putting their LEDs on a Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MC-PCB) and use plastic coverings, Sunlite places their AS-LEDs directly in aluminum housing. Thus, the unsurpassed heat dissipation and durability of Sunlite products catapult them to the top in terms of efficiency, brightness and lifetime.

Founded in 1996, Sunlite manufactures high-end LED flashlights and general lighting products with manufacturing facilities in both the United States and China.
October 2013 Sunlite relocates office and warehouse to 4811 Quail Crest Place in Lawrence, KS in addition to the warehouse space in China.
December 2012 Product Release: Tri-Colored Forensic Light
December 2012 Product Release: Landscape Light
August 2012 Product Release: Pendant Light and Wall Sconce
June 2012 Product Release: Remote Shield Light
April 2012 Product Release: SunStar25 Can Light
February 2012 Product Release: Sunflower80
December 2011 Product Release: Lowbay Light
December 2011 Product Release: Desklamp
March 2011 Product Release: Nimbus
November 2010 Sunlite opens an office at the Bioscience & Technology Business Center in Lawrence, KS in addition to the warehouse space in Lawrence and the warehouse space in China.
November 2010 Product Release: SunStrip30
August 2010 Sunlite's SunStrip40 receives the UL and CUL certification.
January 2010 Product Release: Shield Light
June 2009 Product Release: Underhood light
June 2009 Product Release: Rechargeable Head Lamp
March 2009 Product Release: Slim2
March 2009 Product Release: Turbo Jr.
January 2009 Product Release: SunStrip40
January 2009 Product Release: SunStrip10
January 2009 Product Release: SunStar50
December 2008 Product Release: Borescope
August 2008 Product Release: Utility Light
August 2008 Product Release: Workstation Light
April 2008 Product Release: Rechargeable and non-chargeable Turbo (8W)
March 2008 Product Release: Microscope light
January 2008 Product Release: Colored Turbo LEDs including infrared
July 2007 Product Release: Turbo
December 2006 Sunlite becomes a major supplier of LED lights to Snap-on Incorporated.
July 2006 Product Release: Slim UV
March 2006 Product Release: Slim Jr.
December 2005 Product Release: Slim and Eagle
September 2004 Sunlite establishes a 60,000-square-foot, fully owned facility near Shanghai to manufacture and assemble LEDs chips, wafers, and lighting products.
July 2002 Laser chip manufacturing reaches mass production stage.
September 2001 The company starts the development of 650nm Laser wafers.
October 2000 The developed AlInGaP HB-LED technology is nominated at the Twelfth Annual Meeting of the Technology of the Year Awards, sponsored by the Silicon Prairie Technology Association.
April 2000 The company wins the competitive award from the Kansas Enterprises Technology Corporation to develop Aluminum-Indium-Gallium-Phosphide (AlInGaP) High-Brightness LED (HB-LED) wafers.

November 1997 LED epi-wafer and chip manufacturing facilities in Lawrence, Kansas are established and the MOCVD process and compound semiconductor business is started.  
January 1997 Submitted to DOD a proposal of combining UV LED and phospher to create Monolithic full-color LED display.
January 1996 Sunlite Science & Technology, Inc. is founded in San Jose, California.
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